Can Sweats Be Sexy? Fashion Entrepreneur

Can Sweats Be Sexy? Fashion Entrepreneur

Can Sweats Be Sexy? Fashion Entrepreneur Melissa Dufour Says ‘Yes’

Melissa Dufour, founder of SexySweatsWear/ Photo courtesy SexySweatsWear

Sexy Sweats is one of the finest women’s activewear and athleisure lines on the market.

What makes Sexy Sweats so attractive is its daring designs, vibrant colors, and intricate stitching with slimming illusions. The DNA of Sexy Sweats was designed by founder and creative director, Melissa Dufour. Each individual piece is crafted with the intention of making bold statements while enhancing one’s silhouette frame.

Photo courtesy SexySweatsWear

“Sexy Sweats is a brand that represents me and the millions of women just like me. Results aren’t free, Neither are these curves!” declares Dufour.

,Their pieces stimulate encouragement. With support from Sexy Sweat’s form-fitting pieces, women see themselves as confident and comfortable in their skin. Its first official collection, “She Is,” dares women to boldly flaunt the curves they sweat so hard for. Sweats brand, is leading a new tribe of women, who don’t believe in modesty.

Every design from the ‘She Is” collection was hand-sketched by Dufour, to embody her unique creative vision for bodaciously curvy women. Made of the finest assets sometimes including removable bra pads, adjustable straps, dry fit, and compression.

Working out and what you wear is a form of self care. Wearing sexy sweat’s affectionate design hugs areas of the body that Dufour believes women should shamelessly flaunt instead of shamefully covering up.

Sexy Sweats is a movement championing women to showcase their confidence, sex appeal, and athletic lifestyle.

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